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Stuck in "The Cairn - Reactor" level.

In the level called "The Cairn - Reactor" (The one that starts you in a series or tunnels/hallways with laser beams going on and off that ya gotta dodge and stuff.) I've destroyed the purple crystals, gone through to the small tower with the 4 lasers, turned off the laser panel on the side of it and now I'm stuck.

I've read a walkthrough that says go back to the place where the crystals were and a reborn will come out from a hole and when you kill him, you go into the hole he comes from to get to the next bit.

Problem is, I've been back there....and no reborn. I've wandered around in the now laserless hallways for ages. Can't find any new place to go.

Any ideas?
Please help. I dont wanna come this far and not get to the end.

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