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Thumbs up Heres a tip for Windows XP users

Heres what to do step by step !

First go to ( go to the 3rd party drivers and download the Amigamerlin 2.1 or the dozer 1.1 for xp these drivers are the best in all the web, you can also use the original tools for the voodoo 5 5000. Try to read the readme file before install the drivers

Next step look in the drivers package for the wickedgl forder thats cointans the full version, included in dozer or amigamerlin drivers . Take the wickedgl file and rename the file to opengl32.dll.
Put this file in the lucasart gamedata folder. Now you are all set for kick some buts!

Im in a PIII , Voodoo5 5000 agp, 384 rams of memory

all works fine!!!
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