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((OOS I did. ****, looks like i'm screwed. hehe))
*Clawing, reaching, EVA screamined in agony. Suddenly, it's AT Field pushed Zassek, but he managed to hang on to the now loose enrty plug. Roaring, Eva jumped and fell onto it's back, crushing Zassek.

It did it again. and again, and AGAIN, high with every jump, with more force, and rage each time. Zassek's cirutry crushed, eva reached and pulled away Zassek's limp hand form the entry plug, and Eva's body covered the plug with thick organic resin, which dried into a hard armor around it.
((OOS: Took me a sec, but i figured how to get you offa my back))
Now, it turned to Deac, who was rushing madly at Eva. Swinging, Deac tried to hit it, but missed. it was amazingly fast, Eva was.
A down ward slash, and Eva caought Deacs wrist, stopping the blow, and began crushing it. Deac screamed with pain, tried to punch Eva with his free arm, but that was also caught, and Eva began to crush that.
a struggle between wills.

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