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Personally, I think that the MP force powers should mirror the SP powers in every way. The only thing I don't know that they could've done would be "speed." I wonder if they couldn't have managed it, however. What if anyone using speed caused everyone else to go into slow motion while they remained at normal speed? The higher the rank in speed you have, the slower everyone else becomes. Anyone else with speed could counter it by using their power, with the highest ranking speed player setting the overall slowdown for everyone else.

Thus, someone with Speed 2 turns it on, and everything except him slows down. A second guy kicks in his own Speed 1, and now he's only say, 50% slower than the Speed 2 guy (where everyone else is 100% slower.) Lastly, a true Speedster kicks in his Speed 3. He speeds up to normal movement speed, while everyone else slows down around him, the Speed 2 would be 30% slower, the Speed 1 guy would be 60% slower, and everyone else would be 100% slower.

I don't think it would cause any real server strain, at least no more than what a chat message would. When someone punches their Speed key, it simply sends the message to everyone else's computer. The Speed spell has a built-in timer making it last a set time. So, once a player got the message, he'd instantly slow down for that set time period, or until he sent out his own message "I'm speeding up too."

The whole point is that not only would multiplayer gamers enjoy a run speed boost, but they'de get the complete advantages of speed like they experienced in the single player game. The players without speed would get to experience what they put all those poor Stormtroopers through.

I'm not saying it would work, but it's an idea. *shrug*
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