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HA! This thread is the joke! Allow me to elaborate:

1.02 - The big thing I saw here was the heavy stance. DFA, long slow, boring, tedious battles between two people just swinging and running away. Yawn. Ok, occasionally there were medium/light stance users, but rarely was there EVER a light stance user. Why? Red was the winner, or yellow (typically the duelers would agree not to use heavy) Pathetic, slow, boring. No skill required, just quick hack and slash attacks, trying to get the first shot in to ensure a kill. Very mundane, very predictable.

1.03 - Now you need to think. This is what people hate. Instead of being able to say "You shoulda rolled/jumped outta the way! Haha!" They now have to realize that their opponent out thought them. Heaven forbid that minds be used in a FPS. I have dueled plenty of people who flame me for blocking them for the first minute of the match, and then beat them into the dirt.

Analasys: 1.02 the wild erratic slasher's game. 1.03 is for those who you technique and their minds.
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