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Aylnon, I agree with you on your points regarding 1.02

1.03 is not a whole lot better, but it is better in some aspects. One huuugee problem with 1.02 was the fullpower stance was basically 'it'. From lunges having that huge invisible radius to the right hand swings basically being the best way to kill someone.

Don't tell me that I never fought a good medium or weak stance player back in 1.02, that's simply not the case. I fought countless players and at least 95% of the experience ones used fullpower stance.

The problem with 1.03 is force pull + backswing. Another problem is excessive kicking in the hands of an experience played.

How does a player counter kicks? They can if they stay away from their opponent and be elusive, but I mean where's the fast paced saber battle (that Raven is aiming for) then? I think I can vouch for a lot of people when I say you shouldn't be afraid to swing your saber at certain players at all times because they are going to kick you down when you do or pull you down.

Certain players don't even swing their sabers. All they do is kick and attempt to pull you down and once that is accomplished they just kill you with a backswing. Raven needs to change this. The goal of 1.03 was to make the game more based on fast pace saber battles that would last more than 10 or 15 seconds. Ironically the game is in the same state as 1.02, which is the game is still full of one hit wonders. Fast paced saber battles only exist on servers that are specifically setup for them.


I don't see how someone can call 1.03 n00b and 1.02 for the 'good' players, though. Do all the 'good' players require the invisible radius in fullpower lunge? :P



Don't get me wrong. I don't think they should take kicks or backswings out of the game, they just need to be tweaked. In the movie you don't see Jedi pulling people down over and over or kicking excessively. There should be timers or something. ;p

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