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Actually, about half of the servers are still running 1.02... so it's not gone........

Fact is, the saber are now TOTALY unreal. A real (movie-wise) lightsaber hitting someone in the back full strength should absolutly kill someone. Here it's auto-blocked or does something like 40 damage.

From the movies, you can see that 2-3 hits should kill someone but most of them get blocked... Here you need to hit about 7 times to kill someone (while he's still blocking)....

1.02 wasn't best, but 1.03 is worse imo...

Atleast in 1.02 you could think and time your moves so that u'r swing will go thru u'r enemy while he's swinging you and you could nail him (yellow stance user here)...

Here it's best to either throw all the time, backstab or simply attack like a maniac.

That doesn't require much skill now does it?

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