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1.02 was all running, trying to score that lucky hit or 2 that would kill someone.
1.03 is more closed in, more blocking, more hits needed to kill, buggerloads more balenced between the saber styles, much more like the movies.

Im not saying 1.03 is perfect. Backslash is too powerful, but at least that means all the stances have a 1 hit kill move now. What im saying is 1.03 is what JK2 shold have been, 1.02 was Raven caving in to the demands of the JK'er. Lance battles basically, running into each other to score that hit or 2 that would kill, kills too fast paced for the saber enthusiast.

I dont care how this game is balenced in FFA or CTF, i bought this game to lightsaber duel, and thats what im going to do.

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