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*Eva is cought by the mysterious white, light, but the enemy doesn;t notice the small orange light below the line...
Suddenly The AT field expands, breaking the white webbing that contains the Eva, and it envelops Deac and Zassek.
A dome forms around the three fighters, and the AT field reverses it's direction, pushing in instead of out.
Inside the Entry Plug, the Nerv Suit is now once again conatined a human body, Cracken, and his finger was held over the red button labeled S^2 engine over heat. he pressed it. The Eva started to glow, and it exploded with a massive force.... but the explosion suddenlly started to reverse, and in place of EVA, was a black spot.
The AT field suddenly collapesed, creating a Sea of Dirac, sucking in all that was in the field, Deac, Zassek couldn't escape, and they were placed into the new dimension of nothing.

The entire planet, gone. The protoss were amazed.
Noone survived.*

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