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Hello all

My name is *DFR*SilverDawn and I come from a squad called Delta Force Revolution which has been around since Jan 15, 2000. We are generally a DFLW and RTCW squad, but a few of our members started playing JKII lately and we enjoy it a lot.

So by your communities standards we are new and I just wanted to let you know we are around and we will be popping in and out of servers. Our members are not allowed to flame other individuals or squads and like most respectable squads we place high morale standards on our members so if you run into a problem w/ any of them plz let me know.

We by no means claim to be the best in anything we do we are just here to have fun. So I hope to see you around.

Later and stop by sometime

"Its not what you can do as an individual...
Its what your squad can do as a team."


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