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((OOS: You must be refering to that episode were the body of the Angel was what they thought was it's shadow...))

None survived, at least that's what the Protoss thought...

Darkness, emptyness, nothingness...

Zassek's sensors failed to detect anything and even after he had put his nervous system Online he couldn't feel anything. He quickly did a self scan to check if it was due to damage he might have but nothing, he was as optimal as he could be.

"This does not compute."

In this dimenson, the 5th dimention, all physical laws that apply in the 3rd dimension were totally modified, notion of time and space converged and had no meaning. Zassek tried detecting other lifeforms, Deac and the Evil one in particular, but no aura was emitted from them. This is when he noticed that he also didn't emit any aura, could it be that the Psionic Melding, the Force, was inexistant in this mysterious dark and unknow dimension?

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