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Mac/Cube/X-Box Ports: What do they mean for a new patch?

This is just curiosity and speculation:

With these new ports on the way, what will the effect be on the possibility of a 1.04 patch?

Obviously they need pretty locked-down code to start porting as effeciently as possible. The Gamecube and X-Box versions need to be set in stone more than the Mac version -- no patches on consoles (Yet. X-box does have the HD).

I assume that an attempt will be made to make the Mac version compatable with the PC one -- something the Quake 3 engine is good at. I remember how many times the Mac version of Unreal Tournament played catchup with all the PC patches. It was all a lot of work.

Will LucasArts be willing to do this? Will they make it easy on themselves by locking down the PC version? Is BS forever?

Tune in next week...

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