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Then so be it. Jedi.

*Cracken ignights his lightfoil, and starts his attack. slash, thrust, parry, block, counter attack, the two seemed evenly matched. Deac's swordsmanship was excellent, but Cracken was holding back. Didn't want to kill the boy so soon, he wanted to have his fun.
Deac then ignighted his second saber, and came at Cracken. Using expert skill, Cracken precisly cleaved Deac's second saber in two, leaving nothing but a somldering hilt. Deac, surprised, backed off for a second, to reagin his composure, and resumed.
The duel spanded the entire hall way, and broke out into a hanger bay. Outside, the fighter battle could be seen, each side taking fire, yet the TIE Defenders were winning.*

You're not bad, but you have much to learn, young one.

*Cracken came at Deac with surprising speed and fury. Deac was barely able to keep up with the Sith, and recieved a sizeable wound on his leg*

The Dark Side is powerful. Join me, it's the only way to save you and your friends!

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