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Hi there, Brad Oliver here. I work for Westlake Interactive and am doing the Mac port for Aspyr (the Mac publisher). I think I can answer a few of your questions.

Originally posted by ScribeJC
I was just wondering if they need to assure the porters that the game isn't going to change any more as they start working.
We got the 1.03 code to start with. There's not usually any promises made towards getting a specific version. As a general rule, we usually pester the PC developer for the latest code as soon as realistically possible. We can't easily budget or plan for future patches, so we basically pray that the game is stable when we start the port and hope that we don't have to patch it much, just for our own sanity. I've already had to patch Mac Civ3 3 times, so I won't shed too many tears if it never sees another PC patch, for example.

What are the ramifications of differences in the games? Can the porter be contracted to duplicate the same experience as much as possible? Or will they be allowed to make adjustments as they see fit?
It's to our advantage to duplicate things that are going to be desired or wanted, like cross-platform netplay. We usually try to match feature sets as close as possible. It's not normally anything requested of us by the PC developer, it's more a matter of meeting the demands of Mac users.

We usually can make adjustments to the game as needed. For Alice, we redid the videos using a higher-quality codec and in the correct aspect ratio, for example. For SW:Galactic Battlegrounds, we also used a higher quality codec. A minor thing, but since QuickTime (and thus Sorensen2) is prevalent on the Mac moreso than Windows, not a big deal. I recall that in the original Dark Forces, the Mac port supported some larger game resolutions and cutscene artwork than on the PC as a concession to a later ship date for the Mac.

And, again, all I really care about is how any of this affects whether or not we'll have a 1.04 patch -- which I'd like to see.
I doubt the Mac port will have any effect on future PC development. We hardly ever interact with the PC developers anyway. The xbox and GameCube are pretty different beasts, but I think the burden usually falls on the console porting company there too.

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