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Awesome response straight from the dev's mouth. Thanks!

My final comment about how the Mac port might affect future PC development arises from the notion that they might avoid any further patching in order to make your job easier. From your accounts of past efforts it's obvious that the PC dev's don't take that into consideration very often -- if at all.

We're hoping for one more patch around here. If it happens, I hope it's quick and painless for you. You do a great job expanding the audience for these games. I have numerous Mac friends and I'm always happy to announce to them that that cool PC game (ie: Wolfenstein) they watched me play is coming out for their Apple.

And then there's my dirty little secret: Not only am I a cross-platform computer user, I'm originally a Mac user -- starting with a 512K "fat" Mac! There's an old Powermac 6500 sitting right next to this Pentium I'm typing on now (it's great for kid's software). Very soon I'm in the market for a G4 and Final Cut Pro 3 and I know all your games will run just dandy on it.

Thanks, again,

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