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Stumbles into to the fight, and begins to wonder what the hell had happen. Seeing Rwos get thrown against the wall, Odin backs up and proceedes to get around the sith. Turning around Odin faces 20 stromtroopers with blasters already pointed at him. Laughing, Odin unsheathes his two swords. His eyes glass over and it appears as if lighting was in them.

The stormtroopers begin to fire, but before the know it, one sword was thrown through two of the bewlider soldiers. Moving the sword into a standard guard Odin rolls removes the foot of one stormtrooper the arm of another, and sliced a third in two. Odin the quickly dispatches the rest of the stormies.

Getting behind the sith just as Rwos use his energy ball Odin says "Sith you have 2 minutes before your ship is destroyed (oos: remember when I stumbled around his engines, me plant explosives)." Cracken is surprised by this and suddenly charges Odin. Throwing a hidden dagger Odin cuts Cracken hand causing him to drop his lightfoil. Beig outnumbered heavily Cracken makes a tatical reatreat.

"Rwos get Deac, I'll take the other one, we go now to my ship before this one explodes, or cracken returens"

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