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*Flax alows himself to be fully imersed in the force.*

Flax: Cracken, your time has come. *Flax ignited his saber.*

*Flax lunged at Cracken, slashing and stabing.*

Flax: As you can see Cracken I am no mean swordsman myself.*

*Flax Slashes, then pivots on his heal 180 and stabs backwards.*

*Cracken curses.*

*As Flax comes back around he sees the stab wound passing though Cracken's left flank.*

Cracken: Pain merly makes me stronger!

Flax: You'll need to be alot stronger to beat me!

*Flax makes a one handed slash, slipping under Cracken's gaurd , then reverses it, cutting identical marks on each cheak.*

*Flax force flips over Cracken, then they are just a blur of motion.*

*Suddenly Flax feals the burning pain in his chest as Cracken's foil passes though his heart. He smiles, his arm comes around under crackens foil and bisects the Sith at mid section. Flax extends his other arm towards Deac, a single bolt of white lightening hits Deac square in the chest, raising him off the ground, then Taklin Flax is no more.*

*Deac drifts slowly to the ground, stuned but not injured*

*Deac hears a voice* Run, Deac, Run! Oh and pick up my Saber will you.

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