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*One th bridge of teh Star Destroyer, Admiral Kirda stands, commanding the space battle. An officer comes up to him*

Sir, our driods report that Cracken was killed.
Kirda: .... Abandon ship. initiate the self destruct on a 5 minute timer, regroup at the designated co-ordinates.

*Down in the hanger, warning klaxxons go off, and an automated voice comes over the loudspeakers*
Warning, all hands, abandon ship, i repeat all hands abandon ship. 5 minutes until self desrtuct. Have a nice day.

*Cracken is seen, smiling*
And now you pitiful Republic will perish.... i will become more powe...r... fu...l.....
*Cracken collapsed, his dying breath. Cracken, Lord of teh Sith, dies.... but always Two there are......*

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