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I just can't input the codes

Even after reading these messages, I find it absolutely impossible to enter the correct codes on these monitors. I've been at it a good half an hour over a few playing periods after having quit in frustration a few times.

I am making no progress at all. I tried what was suggested, hitting one screen at a time to match as much of the image as possible to that screen before going on to the next, but that does no good.

On each of the three colors, there is one side of the figure that never changes no matter what screen/button I push! And that side, guess what, does NOT match with the codes I see when I press TAB.

Is it possible that the image would match what I see when I press TAB, except that it is rotated to face a different direction? Alas, even assuming THAT I can make no progress.

I have gone at it systematically and have come nowhere close to getting even a single screen to match up. I hear this game becomes fun later on, but I am about to take the CD out of the machine and hit it with a hammer if I don't solve this soon.

Can anybody provide more explicit directions on how to solve this puzzle?
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