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Why it looks like that...

For one thing, the lucasarts titles are all cartoon/caracature-like. Always have been, probably always will be. If you want more realistic-looking games, I'll give you my copy of Myst. The only real way to make them more realistic would be to make basicly a "choose your own adventure"-type movie (for those of you too young to remember the choose-your-own-adventure books, just imagine the same way "Dragon's Lair" was programmed) where they compile a bunch of "what if they choose *this* option" video clips of live actors and string them together with code for a "game".

There is another reason, in my opinion, that it looks like it does. I am 30 years old, a die-hard computer geek, and well known console-hater (although I may buy a console strictly for ft2) and would advise any friends of mine who love consoles to stop reading here, lest I hurt your feelings.

For everyone with the courage to read on...

I recently saw a tv commercial which validates my disliking of consoles. (which is a rant for another day, but I need an example...) A kid of <insert cheezy nickname for today's generation here> is daydreaming about buying an x-box and not paying attention while skateboarding. As a result, he winds up riding his skateboard "prison-style". Full Throttle II is slated for both pc and console release, so they had to gear the graphics toward consumers with the attention span of gnats, as well as computer users. Most console kids don't care about gameplay or realism, as long as it looks pretty and keeps them focused away from the skateboard up their asses for just a few moments more. Back in the old days (yes, showing my age again) skateboard games had realism - if you're on the half-pipe and fell, your little butt had to skate back and forth several times in order to regain speed and momentum. I was at a friend's house watching an x-box junkie play Tony Hawk and felt myself grow dumber as he wiped out halfway up the ramp, got back un his board, and was instantly propelled the rest of the way up the ramp as if pulling the board outta his backside had given him a boost. No - FT's graphics are like that because that's the look that works the best with Ritalin. Let's just hope the actual gameplay and puzzles don't go the same way.

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