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Smile In the base>ext_data>weapons.dat file

Hey there,

If you unzip the assests0.pk3 file in the base folder, you'll see a file called Weapons.dat with the pathname /ext_data. Extract that file to a temporary folder, and open it with Notepad. You'll see a lot of parameters that can be changed for each weapon. At the top of the file is a legend of what each parameter does.

You can tweak this file, then create a new folder called "ext_data" in your C: root drive. Copy the new Weapons.dat file to that folder. Right click on the new copied file, and add it to a ZIP, making sure the folder info and/or path is saved as well. After it's zipped, go to the new zip's location and rename it to weapons_dat.pk3, and place it in your JK2 Gamedata>base folder.

(You might know all that, but for those who read this and don't know how to pak a pk3 file... sorry if it's obvious to you.)

Here's an excerpt from the parameters...

// Weaponclass - weapon name
// Weaponmodel - weapon model used in game
// weaponicon - interface image
// Ammotype - type of power weapon needs to fire
// 0 - No power
// 1 - Star Fleet power
// 2 - Alien Crystal power
// 3 - Phaser power
// Ammolowcount - amount when "Low ammo" warning appears on screen
// Flashcolor - color generate by weapon flash (R,G,B)
// Firingsound - sound file used when firing
// altfiringsound - sound file used when alt-firing
// flashsound - sound file used by flash
// altflashsound - sound file used by an alt-fire flash
// stopsound - sound file used when a firing sound stops
// Firetime - amount of time between firings
// altfireTime - for alt fire
// Range - range of weapon
// energyPerShot - amount of energy used per shot
// altenergypershot- for alt fire
// barrelcount - number of barrels the model has (weaponname_b?.md3)
// missileModel - missile .md3
// altmissileModel - alternate missile .md3
// missileSound - played while flying
// altmissileSound - alternate missile launch sound
// missileLight - intensity of lightsource for missile - if 0.0 then none (float)
// altmissileLight - alternate missile light
// missileLightColor - color in three float style R, G, B (0.0 to 1.0) - NOTE - if you have a light, you MUST HAVE THESE
// altmissileLightColor - alternate color in three float style R, G, B (0.0 to 1.0)
// missileHitSound - played on impact
// altmissileHitSound - for alt fire

And an example weapon...

weapontype WP_BLASTER
weaponclass weapon_blaster
weaponmodel models/weapons2/blaster_r/blaster.md3
weaponIcon gfx/hud/w_icon_blaster
ammotype 2
ammolowcount 15
energypershot 1
firetime 350
range 8192
altenergypershot 2
altfiretime 150
altrange 8192
missileFuncName blaster_func
altmissileFuncName blaster_alt_func
muzzleEffect blaster/muzzle_flash
altmuzzleEffect blaster/altmuzzle_flash
selectSound sound/weapons/blaster/select.wav
selectforce fffx/weapons/blaster/select

Good luck!

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