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Console cheats during saberless levels

Whenever I get a new game, I start on the easiest difficulty and work my way up. This may be to get a lay of the land, or to compare with later difficulties to see what's different, why it's more difficult, and so on.

First, let me say my accuracy sucks even before I grab my blaster. This, combined with the inability to dodge enemy shots on Jedi Knight difficulty, is very frustrating. However, combined with the lack of a lightsaber during the first five levels, I just get completely, totally and utterly smegged off!

I got so frustrated I consoled my lightsaber and force powers (level 3, to get the saber attack/defence) into being. As soon as I reach the jedi academy I'll let the force powers develop as they're supposed to, but in the meantime the first levels are so much more fun this way.

Perhaps I'm a lightsaber junkie...
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