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I guess "old" is less than a couple of months these days. Sorry that wasn't helpful to you. I've been swimming around in the new SP scripts the last few days, and haven't found anything that allows adjusting the root parameters of either the weapons or NPCs more than the cfg and dat files offer. You could try to trick it by just replacing skins and amping up the parameters with cfg/dat files. But then that wouldn't be a real mod.

If you want to make a real mod, then spend some real cash, get the real software tools, and learn how to code CC+, Eagle, and Gla/Glm files the real way. Meanwhile, the rest of us will try to have some fun with what we are able to do.

Why are so many people on this board such jerks when you try to help around here...

By the way, your welcome for the response I took the time to write.

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