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Up the dosage, kid...

Originally posted by manny_c444
Ben Whatshisname, your points are invalid and ludicrous, not to mention way off topic...Tony Hawk, why the devil did you start ranting about Skate boarding physics when this thread is based on visual style?

And console games are rapidly becoming more realistic looking . full Throttle would most likely find a bigger audience with grittier, more realistic graphics. And where does this ridalin outburst come from.

Graphically this game could look much better, and even this ridalin generation you speak of, would appreciate more realistic graphics.
Where exactly did I lose you? When you look for reality in games, you look at the total package and yes, the skateboard physics example *IS* included in the "visual" aspect. I was pointing out that realism (in general) in console games has gone to the crapper. They can make games with digitized pics of the actors and that's great, but combine it with a visual image that doesn't follow real-world physics and it turns back into a cartoon.

That's why the example was there. Most console gamers don't care about realism, which was my point in the first place.

I'll leave this one short for ya.

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