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*Warning Klaxxons continued to scream loudly, red lighhts flashing all around. Imperial Troops can be seen maing a run for escape pods, un launched TIE Defenders, anything Hyperspace capable*


IN an unknown location in the galaxy, a large Star Destroyer is seen floating in the vacumme of space. A Super Star Destroyer, the "Titan". Inside, technician's and medical officers work furiously around one bacta tube, containing a lifeless body. Suddenly, thier equipment goes crazy, beeping and warning lights flashing. The man inside, opens his eyes, and starts clawing at the tubes that restrain him. Panic. Not good. The Doctors try tp tranqualize him, but it's in vain. The Man rips of his breathing mask and starts pounding the glass. It shatters, and he falls to the ground. Gasping for air, teh doctors attempt to help him, but he waves them away. strangly, the permit the request, and back off. An Officer brings the man's garments.

An Imperial Grand Admiral's white uniform, and a black flowing cloak. Tucked inside them, is a lightfoil.

A Jedi Weapon.

Standing, naked, he grabs his cloths, and start to dress.*
*Looking at the head doctor*

Unknown man: I can assume that's the only clone you were able to produce?

Hojo: Yes, my lord, the only success.
Unknown man: Destroy all of this, the cloning vat, and convert this space to a medical facility for the injured.
Hojo: yes, my lord.
*Hojo nods to the technicians, and they begin dismantaling the equipment. The stranger has finished dressgin, and now walks to the bridge. An Evil Aura can be felt.
Cracken, Dark Lord of the Sith, returns.

At the bridge, his Admiral approaches*

Tojo: Destination?
Cracken: you know where, make it so.
Tojo: Yes my lord.
*Tojo nods to the helm, and the hyperspace engines engage.*
((OOS: This is valid, guys. the Emperor did this in the canon, but was only able to do it like once.))

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