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Thanks for the info Jipe, I'll still keep looking for a way around though. As for Akshara, I wasn't trying to be a jerk to you; I was explaining what I'm trying to do more clearly. But hey, if you want to get ripped a little bit I'll accommodate you. First of all, did you even bother to read the original post? I am not interested in config file or scripting hacks, that should be obvious here. It's also obvious that I know how to program in C++ because I've mentioned the MP source and how I haven't been able to use it to make modifications to SP weapon parameters (the topic of this thread). Oh, and by the way that's C++ not CC+ genius, and actually, JK2 was programmed in neither it was done in C. Were you trying to make yourself look like a horse's ass on purpose with that dumb little retort, or did you really think you knew what you were talking about? Either way, you might want do a little research and maybe take a spelling class the next time you get another "great" idea.

If you want to make a real mod, then spend some real cash, get the real software tools, and learn how to code CC+, Eagle, and Gla/Glm files the real way.

I've had the "real" software tools for over a year now and have been coding the "real" way for about six months. What are you talking about?

I guess "old" is less than a couple of months these days

We've known about the dat files ever since the game was released. JK2 has been out for more than two months, so dat file editing is old news.

I've been swimming around in the new SP scripts the last few days, and haven't found anything that allows adjusting the root parameters of either the weapons or NPCs more than the cfg and dat files offer

No sh1t, that's because it's not possible, you need the source. I have the MP source and I'm wondering if there is any way to trick the game into allowing basic weapon parameters in an SP game be modified with the MP source. I've said this at least three times now.

Why are so many people on this board such jerks when you try to help around here...

Why do so many people on this board choose to write before they read? It's like telling someone you're thirsty and have them hand you a box of crackers.

By the way, your welcome for the response I took the time to write.

You could've spent that time picking your ass for all the good it did.

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