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NAME : Ariel Gehn
Age : unknown (prolly in her 20's)
Sex : Female (although she is almost always mistaken a
Homeworld : unknown
Appearance: she is a very good looking woman but she is always
wearung loose clothes and maintains a masculine
Bio : She was raised by a Jedi and there fore learned many Jedi skills, although sh was not actually trained in the jedi arts, so she does'nt know any mind tricks. She is very skilled in most types of weaponry. She doesnt know how old she is exactly or who her parents were. She prefers to build things rather than purchase them, this way she knows all the secrets put into them. She shares her ship, the Artenium I, with a creature she picked up in deep space. The only creature of its kind known to exist (kind of like yoda!) the creature is kind of like her pet, its name is Artemis (named after the ship) cause when she first met it it had grafted itself to the innards of her ship! Now its kind of like a watch dog, and it never leaves the ship. Another thing about Ariel is she interperated jedi light saber dualing styles into her own unique style, she tends to hold the light saber upside down in her hand ( samurai style ). oh and she goes by the name Gehn.

*threatens you with his belt buckle*
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