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Cool Guy Ohn Ruukon

Ohn Ruukon
Race: Trandoshan
Height: 2.2 Meters (about 6.6 feet)
Home World: Born in space
Age: 21
Occupation: Bounty Hunter / Adventurer

Description: Ohn is 6.6 feet tall, dark green skin, slightly scarred face from run in with a flock of mynocks on Endor. He wears a orange and black flak vest, with black pants.

Short Bio: Ohn was born on a space ship traveling in the outer rim. His parents were diplomats and traveled lot. While staying on a remote planet The caught a rare disase and died shortly after. Ohn was fifteen at the time. Since then he has worked as a bouncer in a night club on Corellia earning money so he can be a bounty hunter. Now having finally earned enough to start out on his owbn he bought a highly modified(and highly used) X wing.
His Weapon of choice is a lightsaber, having become force attuned in the trials of his young life.
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