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all Trowa is able to get over the comlink is static... Just like when the long range coms were used...

Qin puts his hand out and the grenade the was thrown flies away, into a deep ravene.

"My apolliges great gardiun, my friends have a hard time trusting any one untill they know them, they are also afride of what may happen now that the bounty hunter is died, we will follow you."

With that they group moves off toward the city.

After about another 3 hours of walking you arrive in the city, the gardian keeps walking bring you to the largest tempel in the city. Inside he brings you to the very top of the tempel where you meet a man dressed in grey robes.

"Hello, i am the gardian of this planet.... Qin-Wan!!! I see that the time has come" the man in the grey robes turns toward the gate gardian "You time is done here, i release you and sugget that you stick with these people, has for you Qin, i have been expecting you for sometime, and if you are here it means that the dark times are coming. There is a battle going on on this planet, and i need your help to stop it. What i need you to do it to destory the sith lord and his minons."

Qin knowing who the grey robed one is... "But Grey One, if there is a Sith lord here and you are here there must be a Jedi on planet, I can not kill the Jedi and i will not let you kill the Jedi!"

"Worry not Qin, for i will take care of the Jedi. Fear not though for once the Sith lord is no more, the Jedi will not be harmed. The Sith Lord is in the tempel in the eastern most side of the city. Now go"

I don't have to blow up everything
I jusk like to.

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