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Re: Re: Why it looks like that...

Originally posted by MeddlingMonk

I think that people who complain that the E3 trailer is cartoony are very funny. Did they ever play FT? If so, I challenge them to point out any real person who has Ben's proportions.
I think that people who say "its cartoony and the first one was also cartoony therefore they are the same" are even funnier. Have they ever watched two cartoons, or played two different games? Two cartoons to compare, for instance The Maxx and Sam & Max. Or Dexter's labratory and Aeon Flux... or Day of the Tentacle and Full Throttle 1, or CMI and Full Throttle 1.

Just because one looks animated and another looks animated means in no way that they are the same. FT1 was dark, moody, had shading much like a comic book (a serious one). The new FT looks like Fox Kids version of "dark and moody."

This doesn't mean the game will suck or anything. I like most of what's been shown in FTII. I just don't think a game like that needs to have the exact same big goofy eyes that EMI's characters had.

I think everyone can agree that (with the exception of the 3 times we see Ben run), FT1 can hardly be described as "goofy."

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