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Unhappy Getting ORIGINAL FT to run in Windows 2000/XP

With the new Full Throttle in development, I thought I'd celebrate by replaying the old classic. Took out the old CD, and with excitement got ready to install.....

.... and then came the errors.

NTVDM CPU has encountered an illegal instruction.
CS:c000 IP:f3e2 OP:ff ff eb 05 ea Choose 'Close' to terminate the application

I've tried everything I can think of.. set memory to max for the shortcut properties.. tried installing from my hard drive instead of CD. Tried using all 4 versions of dos4gw.exe on the CD. No luck. Also installed SoundFX to fix the sound emulation issue. Error pops up no matter what.

Currently, this problem is occuring on BOTH Windows 2000 AND Windows XP, with plenty of RAM, space, and processing speed.

Anyone else having the same problem? Any known workarounds?

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