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*Gehn hit a button on a small device she pulled from her pocket causing the access hatch of her ship to open. Gehn reached for her blaster holstered on her thigh*

[Gehn]: Artem...

*Ariels words were cut off when a creature the size of a small dog crashed into her sending her sprawling on the ground*

[Creature]: GRRRRRRRR

*Ghen layed there too shocked to do anything. the creature moved its face closer to hers growling. Just when it looked as if it was going to bite her it made a squeek sound and proceeded to slobber all over her face*

[Gehn]: HAHAHAAHHA! git offa me Artemis! gross! hehehe

*Artemis leaped off of her and ran out the of the docking bay door*

[Gehn]: Artemis! come back here! haha

*Gehn ran out the door after the odd looking space creature*

*threatens you with his belt buckle*
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