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Red face

I wasn't trying to be a jerk to you; I was explaining what I'm trying to do more clearly. But hey, if you want to get ripped a little bit I'll accommodate you.
Didn't really want to get ripped... you just seemed totally unappreciative of someone trying to help. And your followup confirmed my initial impression of your first replies attitude. Kindness is a two way street. And taking the time to help someone you don't know and probably never will requires kindness and consideration.

Oh, and by the way that's C++ not CC+ genius, and actually, JK2 was programmed in neither it was done in C. Were you trying to make yourself look like a horse's ass on purpose with that dumb little retort, or did you really think you knew what you were talking about?
It was a typo. I switch letters around alot when I type. Lots of people do it. But hey, my mistaake... +C+. I'm not the one making myself look like a, well whatever...

[QUOTE]I've had the "real" software tools for over a year now and have been coding the "real" way for about six months... /QUOTE]

Then you must know what you're doing, being a seasoned veteran and all.

We've known about the dat files ever since the game was released.
Sorry, I was actually playing the game. I found the dat and cfg files about two weeks ago when I extracted the pk3s. Two weeks... that's not quite old news, but almost middle age. At least in dog years.

And this is "we" now? Who exactly is on your committee?

No sh1t, that's because it's not possible, you need the source. I have the MP source and I'm wondering if there is any way to trick the game into allowing basic weapon parameters in an SP game be modified with the MP source. I've said this at least three times now.
Well, if it's not possible than why are you still trying? And hey, the MP source was released over three days ago - that's old news.

I realize you're looking for a way to trick the SP game somehow. I read your post. I don't know you personally and have no idea your level of modding experience. I've been searching for a way to "trick" the game into allowing SP mods of the weapons and npcs myself. I've read almost every post from this board and all the other bbs boards as well, hoping to find a clue or someone who has succeeded. Maybe my post was "old news" to you, but it could have been helpful to someone. I was ONLY trying to help out someone with a similar goal.

It would have been easier to just come back and say, "thanks, but I already tried that and it didn't do what I was looking for." Then maybe we could have exchanged ideas. I have found some interesting stuff in the scripts that could possibly help trick the code, but will require a serious rewrite job on a level by level basis. I'll post and share anything I find with the forum.

I read a post that Raven has stated that the SP SDK is tied into the EXE file, and can't be released. So another way will have to be found.

Why do so many people on this board choose to write before they read? It's like telling someone you're thirsty and have them hand you a box of crackers. <snip> You could've spent that time picking your ass for all the good it did.
I read your post, and apologize for reading incorrectly. I see that you meant the actual speed of the bolt, not firing time; and the level of damage created by the splash effect, not changing the effect itself. I understand. All you had to do was clarify...

And it's more like telling someone you're thirsty for a soda, and have them hand you a pepsi, but then go, "no... I meant a root beer." Except you decided to shake the can and pop it in my face instead.

Anyway, in the spirit of kindness...

1) You could design a custom firing effect and splash effect for your new weapon with EffectsEd and give them specific parameters for velocity and such; then create a script with BehavEd for character behaviour when encountering the effect on a map, and insert that script as a parameter in all of your SP levels.

2) A weapon could be designed as a NPC entity that could be spawned in maps, instead of as a weapon per se. Then all scripting parameters that can be applied to an NPC could be assigned to it. Certain "set" parameters combined with actions could simulate a weapon, like the seeker drone.

3) Any spawnable entity can have a script assigned to it. Write a custom script for a weapon and see what happens.

4) Design a map that uses gravity and friction in unusual ways to effect objects moving through it. It would be extremely complicated to do and still be playable, but it could be tried.

5) It's entirely possible that a specific command could be added to the weapons.dat file that isn't listed in the legend. Since you are familiar with the MP source code, find the commands that effect the weapons in MP, and then try inputting them as commands into the weapons.dat file, and see what happens. Maybe they will overwrite the commands in the SP SDK, if executed afterwards. A custom weapons.dat pk3 in the base folder should overwrite anything from the assets pk3s. It's a longshot, but worth a try.

These are just ideas. Sorry if they don't help. The SP SDK will not be released by Raven. We had similar problems with Voyager Elite Force.

By the way... nobody knows the level of experience a poster has. The game has only been out for three months, so there are going to be a lot of new people arriving over the next several months. Especially after they see episode II. Be kind. The tools change as the game engines evolve, and everyone is a newbie when learning some new system. Personally, I've been around since ChangKhan's original Ultimate Quake mod for Quake 1. Now thAt's old news...

Anyway, good luck. Sorry not to be more help.

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