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Cool Guy Indy is done - Marduk's ass is whipped!!!

nd, thanks again for the savegames of Peru and the Aetherium.
Last night I completed the Aetherium and it was well worth it.
I wasn't going to bother after all the problems I've had, but I just couldn't leave Indy out there in the Infernal Machine.
It was great to whip Marduk's ass (literally) and see Indy walk out into the sunset.
Looking forward to The Emperor's Tomb, hope it goes one better than Machine.

Oh, by the way I have had responses from both LucasArts and the local distributor of Indy in South Africa (EA Classics).
They both say that they are aware of the problems (I'm definitely not the first) and to re-install Indy and try a saved game.
Oh well at least I got a response.

Thanks again, see you around the forums and when we pick up our whip and fedora and enter the Emperor's Tomb!!!!
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