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Pure Server

Another thing i found, I run my dedicated as a Pure Server, and when someone connects to it with "unpure" pk3s, it tells the client that Server Disconnected right after loading everything, but in my console it tells me that they were disconnected due to "unpure" pk3. Instance, I can't use the spiderman skin, cause its "unpure"(about 3 hours of taking out all my skins and then putting 1 back in, loading the game and seeing what happens)

Something else to look at is router settings. You have the option to set up ACLs on your ports for incomming and outgoing packets. In other words, you can say let ports 208070 - 300000 out, but you never said to let them in, that would explain why your showing up on the primary server for people to connect, but when they try they can't. I still have issues with my Netgear router RT311, I can't use it cause if the issue, its built in to not let any normal ports into my LAN, and i can't turn it off
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