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an amazing MOD READ!

ok here is what it does
JAG-JK2-serverside Modification V2


-alt fires works like the cr primary fire in jk1, -max ammo units 500 instead of 300 which affects the flechette as well
-splash radius higher
-direct hit causes a little more damage
-longer delay between shots
-alt costs 8 units per shot
-primary fire costs 2 units per shot, little less damage

-primary fire causes a little more damage

has now 5 rockets instead of 3


-speed takes 10 units of 100 instead 50(lol)
-removed the delay beween switching on/off passive force powers, like speed, seeing, absorb
-drain takes a little less force energie
-heal takes a little less force energie


-waterphysics changed


-Armor gives 200 units (max 200) instead of 100
-small armor goes up to max 200 instead of max 100
-Armor respawn time is 30 instead of 20 sec

etc. (I'm tired of this **** now)


extract the files to GameData and start the game with jag.bat, or load the mod in setup, to run a server make your own .bat. or start it with setup.


read the next reply for the link
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