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Originally posted by MatrixCPA
Do they actually get all the way in and then lag out? Or are they not able to get fully connected? If it's the later, you might check a couple of things. First, make sure they are updated to 1.03 if your server is also updated and vice versa. You might also check to see what you have sv_timeout set to be. If it's low, say below 60, then I'd increase it up to 120. If it's the former, I'd be curious if you are connected first/also. If so, try letting them connect without you. Then, when you connect, if it goes to hell, then you know that it's a rate problem between the server and you as a local client.
I am using 1.03. It shows up on the list for me and my friends. I can only join it through local (I read somewhere that that is supposed to happen). They sit there for up to 5 min, with -1 ping, which means they are trying to connect. I tested this with 2 different friends of mine, both have 1.03. Neither could connect. So it isn't the timeout setting, and it isn't the version. I think my problem might be that my IP is (linksys network IP). I deleted the line for the IP on the jk2mpconfig.cfg and then ran the dedicated server twice (to set it back to default) because I read that I should do that. When I set my IP to the other 2 ((my DNS, which doesn't show up to anyone but me when I look at DNS settings) and my "I.P." (I say that in quotes because it's not really my IP, but it's the IP others see due to my router (which I couldn't figure out how to remove), like at, it doesn't work.
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