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Char. Bio

I just LOVE Star Wars Galaxies! When I get Star Wars Galaxies this December im ganna make 1 of these 2 charitors (cant spell).

Theres ganna be like a name generator or somthing so I dont think we get to pick are own names, and im back with names so I couldnt make one anyways.

Name: (Let them decide)
Speices: Human
Gender: Female
Age:20 somthing (ganna be young)
Job: Explorer, why? Because I wanna get in fights, see the worlds and talk to many people.
World: Tatooine, why? Because I figure most of the begginning gamers are ganna start there. There are also ganna be lots of cool places like Jabba's Palace.
Disciption: My person would be a slick redheaded bad-ass with a attitude. She would have her hair in a nice ponytail. For clothes she would wear low tight pants and wear a thong (if its aloud, DEVS make it available. She would wear a small shirt like just a top (I foget what there called) So you could see her belly-botton and ring. She will probally have tattoos on her stomach and maybe one on her breast (if thats aloud)
What Im ganna probally own: A speader-bike, there like so cool and fast. A protical droid for differnt things and a R2 unit later for the Space Expantion so I can piliot a cool X-Wing.
Allegiance to: Rebels
*Thats the one Ill most likely do but if I learn more and you can control a Star Destroyer then Im ganna be a Imperal Person

This is my first post hope you liked it and sorry I cant spell!
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