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"Auto Aim" problems with saber in SP - Plz Read Raven

I just realized today while playing JK2 that the lightsaber seems to have a kind of auto aim feature in single player. Kyle tends to swing the saber in the direction of the nearest enemy automatically when you press the attack button. For example if there is an enemy to Kyle's left he will make a sideways swing to the left, and so on. I find this feature to be very confusing at times. After having learned how to produce all the swings in multiplayer, using the saber in SP is actually quite cumbersome.
I realize that this feature is designed to help, but it often proves to be more of a liability than an aid in many cases. This saber feature in SP sometimes leads to problems, such as the saber automatically attacking in one direction when you meant to attack in another or swinging towards an enemy when you meant to swing in an entirely different direction. For anyone who is experienced with the lightsaber in multiplayer in version 1.03, I suggest that you try single player if you want to see what I am talking about. If you haven't already noticed this, I think that you will be unpleasantly surprised once you give it a shot.

Anyway, I came to this realization while I was in the level with the bar where everybody goes nuts on you. I couldn't understand why I was having so much trouble hitting enemies when I was familiar with all the footwork necessary to produce certain types of swings. It was then that I realized that this kind of auto aim feature was in place (after having tested it.) Let me just say again how annoying it was to try to attack enemies and to blatantly miss because of this feature. I would say that this feature is flawed in that it removes the consistency of lightsaber attacks in single player. Instead of Kyle's moves being tied to the keyboard the way they should be, they get altered sometimes by this feature. You can never tell if you are going to swing in the direction you should have based on the direction you were moving, or if the auto aim feature will take over and force you to attack in a direction you may not have intended. Ultimately, using the lightsaber in single player is clumsier than it should be because of this.

I would like to know if there is any way that I can disable this "auto aim" feature in single player. If there is no way to do this than I propose that Raven consider removing the feature, or at least giving the option of enabling it or disabling it in a later patch version. Thank you all for your attention.
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