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*Corzip is walking threw the streets of Coruscant. it is all quiet arounf him... not even a sound. only the wind is running threw here. he tries his comlink.*

Deac? Rwos? do you copy?

*He only gets static back. he sighs and puts the comlink away.
he walks on when he gets into an area that seems familiar... this was the place they fought the queen... that beast... but all the bodies have disapeared. hmmm. this was misterious. he walked on to the streets and he sees a giant cargo turbo lift.
He thinks to himself i better get to higher ground
He gets on the Turbo lift and it takes of... the sides of the lift are transparent. Corzip can see a lot of the lower levels. Suddenly he sees movement from the place he just left. and in other places aswel. he sees 5 of those creatures running over the place where they killed the queen.... but they disapear quickly. than he sees a man walk into the light. He looks up to the lift and smiles at Corzip. Corzip now eneteres the higher levels of Coruscant and isnt able to see what is going on there... he needs to find Deac and Rwos.*
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