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*arik is in his office talking to Bail Organa.*

Sir we have encountered a large fleet of imperials trying to stop us from destroying the convoy. what mysensors told me from th convoy is that they were carying large bulkheads and parts for turbolasers. this isnt right sir. why would they try to stop us fro just outpost material?

Well.. i have just got some rumors of a Mon Calamarian male who gave us information of a large space station being build. The Mon Calamarian is the personal slave of Moff Tarkin. He is up to something. we have spies out right now to find out what is going on. My daughter is on missions to planets to gain simpathy for the rebellion. keep your eyes open. now.. about your mission.
i want you to raid a nearby imp site and get your hands on some Ties. and some imp equipment and uniforms. i want your group to turn Imp.. and infiltrate the base somewhere else.
contact me when you have everything. Organa out.

*Garik sighed and sat back. this is going to be painfull to some.*
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