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1) By the switches with the disfunctional switches, go inside the room and push all the buttons. One of them will make the switches work outside. The button is hard to find, just push them all.

2) The Rodian Jedi is not invincible, just really tough. I fought a 5 minute battle with him and finally killed him by cutting off his head. hehe

Skin Projects: (click on the links provided to download the files or view the current progress)
Emperor Palpatine: Completed
Jerec: Completed
Raas Avlow: Completed, but being redone
Mara Jade: Completed, but being redone which is nearly complete, New Mara WIP
Anakin Skywalker: Completed
Count Dooku: Done, not released
Ibtisam (Mon Calamari model) normal and rogue flight suit: Pending release
Talon Karrde: Completed
Rock Fisto (Kit Fisto model): Never released

E-mail me if you'd like to see or try one of these skins that I've not yet released.
Also, if you have an idea for a skin for me to make (Star Wars based preferably), please e-mail me with that idea and I'll take it under consideration for a future project.
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