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Originally posted by Trahern Valley
I followed the instructions in the README file and it loaded up without any problems. Given the state of my computer, I must conclude that if anyone is having problems, it's their own fault.

thank you for your very helpful and--- what do you think i am a moron? I know how to read a README file, and did what it said. if you had READ my post I said it came up in the wrong EXE(it would only show up in jkiimp.exe) I asked why this was. I found a workaround, but all I wanted to know is why it woun'ent work right.


in other news, about the jedi theres a bug. in SP the crosshair seems to tell the game what saber moves you can do. all non standard saber moves need the CH to be red, however the jedi pop up as green.
thats why they are so hard to kill.

is there anyway to tag them as baddys?

ohwell something for version 2
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