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Originally posted by Emon

1. Make sure you have version 1.03 installed.

2. Unzip the file to your Jedi Outcast\GameData folder, DO NOT MAKE A FOLDER FOR THE MOD, IT WILL DO IT AUTOMATICALLY!

3. Load it up in the SP mod menu, and select new game.
your not understanding, I KNOW what the readme says, I KNOW where it is intended to go, I KNOW it doesnt work.

not flaming you, but am frustrated that you are missing the point. will edit in a link to a SS of the dir tree so you beleave me.

the game can see it, it will show in the MP mod menu, but NOT the SP mod menu, and its driving me nuts

anyway, i am not flaming/yelling at any one person but at the thing for not working right.

ok heres the SS WORK!.jpg(jpg about 100K)

edit: fixed link

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