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The Republic is Quite Good

I've got CC and played it for about three or so days now. I've played the Republic a fair bit in skirmishes with the computer. The troopers pop out like Pez once one researches all technologies that increase production speed. I am a cautious player and so I'm not focused on building a lot of troopers and send them to thier deaths untill I wear down the enemy, but one could do this. The medics' speed and heal speed increas allow the troopers to stay alive much longer. For instance, I attack a fortification (no other enemies around) with a formation of 35 repeater troopers and 5 medics, I lose anywhere from 0 to 4 troopers depending on the researched technologies of the enemy. Tight line formations are great when facing anything but area damage units (except the grenadiers, they aren't good against troopers). Watch your formations though, because if the enemy has an air cruiser and fires at the center of a 40 unit line formation of medics and troopers, the entire formation could disappear.

That's all for now, got things to do. Hope I helped.
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