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Name: Meyr'n Feyl'ya
Race: Bothan
Gender: Male
Age: 29
Height: 6'9"
Weight: 187lbs
Place of birth: Bothawui
Profession: Pilot/ Fighter Designer/ Freelance Jedi (hopefully)
Skill: Incredibly agile, uncanny ability to tell what some one is going to say next
Backround: Desendant of legendary, Borsk Feyl'ya, explaining the his ability, his 1) ancestry to an ally to the Rebels main source of info on the second Death Star and 2) he's a Bothan, duh, of course he's a spy.
Spectacular piloting skills and an ace bomber, can destroy a Victory II Class starship with little to no help. Very evasive when doing head on runs and excelent peripheral vision. Craft of choice, an A-wing, preferred bomber, TIE Defender or a B-wing (TIE-D preferred) all around best fighter, TIE Advanced (if he can get his hands on one). Long-range combat skills are quite exceptional, downs fighter after fighter with precise blasts and once behind another pilot he stays there.
Likes: Enjoys disigning and creating, good small motor skills (could keep Lightsaber in good shape).

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