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Hassany canīt sleep as good as she wants, so, when she rest a little, she woke up and went to check all the X-Wings to make it better for the next battle.

-"I heard about Raschel and about she had a problem with her X-Wing"- She thought.

the first X-wing she checked was hers, then she checked all the x-wings and when she was cheking Raschel X-Wing, she found something strange. she needs to go with her officer and report it.

Garik was busy trying to make a new plan, when hassany enter without permission to the office:

-" Sir, I have to say you that I finished to check all the X-Wings and I have to say you that Raschel X-Wing wasnīt broken "naturally", somebody moves something to the X-Wing to make it fail when we was on space, and I thougt that someone of the squadron made that..."

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