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DCOS, DSOU, DROO, DRSC, DSCR and DCHR all work the same as far as I recall (DOBJ is different). The format goes (for CMI):

dword - "DCOS" header
dword BE - size
dword LE - number of directory entries
repeat <number of directory entries>
  byte - room number
repeat <number of directory entries>
  dword LE - offset relative to LFLF block
The first entry will usually be 0 for both room and offset. Note that for DROO, the room number actually refers to the disk number, and the offset is 0 - the actual room offset is stored in the LOFF block instead.

Some differences in the earlier versions (such as Dig and FT). Namely the number of directory entries is a word rather than a dword, and the offset may be relative to the ROOM block.

- Serge
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