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Name:Riccie Circos
weight:180 pounds
skill rant:Command/general If the force see's it fit a rouge dark jedi hidng in teh shadows waiting to grow strong enough to aproch and figure head a faction of his own.
I'll work my way through the imperial army untill i make the rank of General.. save up enough money untill i can get a place on coruscant when the world coems out a nice place. Untill then i'll live on the world with the most action on it so i can gain respect quickly through the imperial ranks. ..hopfuly i'll be able to enjoy my rank of General by taking controling a small army assinged to me and scoring many victory's including smashing up a rebel/jedi coop in the mids of being created. And dont think i will hesitate to hire if i see any hotshots trying to raid our bases if i end up as a dark jedi i'll get my own place remote like the swamps of naboo and have a army of to protect me and whatever wealth i aquire

Get your hands off me,you damned dirty gonks
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