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The grey one walking into a room off to the side, turns back

"There is nothing i can do to help, nothing the i have that will help, this is something you must do by yourselfs."

"One more thing, Master Qin, you will notice that your Jedi powers will be of little help in finding the Sith lord"

"One more thing, Relay on your friends here to find the right path."

"One more thing, Do not search out the other Jedi master."

"One more thing, if you get the help of the other Jedi Master many terable things will happen"

Looking at the group... "Why are you still here you should be finding the Sith lord!"

Wtih that you leave and make your way to the eastern part of the city. Here you find 3 tempeles, all look exacly the same, but for one thing. The tempele on the left look unkept and dark looking, the tempel in the middle is in better shape, and doesn't look so dark. The one on the right look very well kept and very light.

"Well my friends, the Gray one told me not to trust my jedi skills, so from here on you will decided where to go next."

*gm-speak* anyone ever see the jackie chan cartoons? if you have the voice and manerisom of the grey one is a lot like uncle, i always wanted a npc like that! *end gm-speak*

I don't have to blow up everything
I jusk like to.

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